Vive la Gastronomie November 29th, 30th and December 1st 2018

October 5th, 2018

After sold-out editions with Jonnie Boer, Akira Oshima and Roger van Damme among others, Baoase Luxury Resort will be culinary stargazing once again with two chefs and one sommelier.

On November 29th, 30th and December 1st 2018, Vive la Gastronomie celebrates exceptional dishes and wines with an exclusive interactive dinner by Dennis Kuipers (Vinkeles*), Onno Kokmeijer (Ciel Bleu**), sommelier Jop IJspeert (Ciel Bleu**), and Baoase Executive Chef René Klop. A celebration for guests of Baoase, as well as locals who follow their culinary hearts to the resort.

Klop: ‘When resumes overflowing with experience come to our lagoon, the result can only be gastronomic.’ What is on those resumes? Dennis Kuipers’ twelve years as an Executive Chef at The Dylan and restaurant Vinkeles. Onno Kokmeijer’s fifteen years as Chef of Ciel Bleu in the Okura Amsterdam. And Jop IJspeert’s four years as a Sommelier at that same Ciel Bleu.

In the Master Villa, these three chefs and sommelier prepare eight unique courses – including amuses, cocktails and drinks – right in front of a party of 25 guests.

Availability for Vive la Gastronomie is limited. The price per evening is $ 275 p.p. All three nights will have the same program.

For reservations, please email, call +5999 461 1799 (extension 3) or get in contact through WhatsApp to +5999 564 0111.

We are looking forward to welcoming you during one of these delicious evenings!

For an impression of the latest edition of Vive la Gastronomie, follow this link to see the video.

Caribbean Journal awarded Baoase as Boutique Hotel of the Year

October 4th, 2018

We are so very proud to announce that we have been selected as Boutique Hotel of the Year by the Caribbean Journal.

”As General Managers of Baoase Luxury Resort, we are so very proud and honored. This nomination itself is a recognition of the hard work and dedication of the entire Baoase team for the past years. It is fantastic news to be nominated as Number One Best Boutique hotel 2018,  not only as promotion for our resort but also for the island of Curaçao.” Jesse & Oliver Zahn

The team working for the Caribbean Journal continuously scours the region to uncover the best-kept secrets and standout performers in the region’s hospitality sector. They have selected winners in 11 different categories from the Boutique Hotel of the Year to the Boutique Hotelier of the Year. To be eligible, a hotel must have fewer than 50 rooms.

“It’s high time that these small jewels of the Caribbean travel industry be honored for their remarkable contributions to the region,” said Alexander Britell, editor and publisher of Caribbean Journal. “In many ways, the Caribbean’s boutique hotels make the region the unbeatable global destination that it is today. We are honored to celebrate the best boutique hotels in the Caribbean with this first-ever Caribbean Boutique Hotel Awards.”

Here is what they wrote about Baoase:

“Boutique Hotel of the Year: Baoase Luxury Resort, Curaçao This 23-room stunner isn’t just the leading boutique hotel in the Caribbean right now — it’s one of the most impressive properties in the region, period. From its outstanding Balinese-style design to ultra-attentive service to its remarkable gastronomic offering, Baoase has become the halo hotel in Curacao and a new level of boutique experience in the Caribbean region. “Baoase has an uncanny level of quality that is an example for hotels across the Caribbean,” said Caribbean Journal Managing Editor Guy Britton. “It’s a truly world-class resort in a boutique package.”

To read the full article, please follow this link

A taste bud tickling gallery event

September 5th, 2018

For three weeks, the French garden of Gallery van Dun was the al fresco art gallery for leading international artist during the ‘Van Dun Sculptuur’ exposition. Art objects merged with a lush, green backdrop. Works created with the more traditional materials such as glass, bronze, stone, and steel met the unusual ones made of recycled car parts, matches, and dolls. And because one can’t truly appreciate art on an empty stomach, Baoase’s Executive Chef Rene Klop had the honor to create some bites for the opening night of ‘Van Dun Sculptuur’. Klop: ‘Artist and chefs are quite alike – turning our own experiences into something compelling to others. I am honored and grateful to be asked to present the culinary part of this event.’

Caribbean chefs explore U.S. barbecue

September 4th, 2018
Caribbean chefs explore U.S. barbecue
It is true. We are never done learning. Even a chef like Rene Klop isn’t. Therefore, Baoase’s Executive Chef joined the U.S. Beef Education, Texas Barbecue Themes along with several other Caribbean chefs who dared to explore American barbecue. Though Klop has proven to be experienced in working with U.S. beef, featuring traditional meat dishes on his menu, this week of beef, beef, and beef brought the chef a refreshing view on the right cuts. Klop: ‘These seven days showed me exactly where our beef comes from and how it is produced while educating on the lesser-known – though incredible tasty – cuts. It is a story I would love to pass on at Baoase Culinary Beach Restaurant. In word and in dish.’

Vive la Gastronomie 2018: August 2nd Dinner Event

August 29th, 2018

A homage to flavor with Jonnie and Thérèse Boer

After a scrumptious event in 2016, Jonnie and Thérèse Boer found their way back to the lagoon of Baoase for another sold-out edition of Vive la Gastronomie on August 1st and August 2nd. Two evenings, two delicious events.

Agust 2nd , 2018 – Dinner Event

After the first evening of wining and dining, Vive la Gastronomie moved from the porch of the Master Villa to the shore-side Culinary Beach Restaurant. Michelin-starred Chef Jonnie Boer and Baoase’s Chef Rene Klop cooked 64 bon viveurs a menu of gastronomic adventure. Those adventurous eaters, found themselves overlooking the stunning Caribbean Sea. A night that just needed to be captured in some photo-booth snapshots.

Be sure not to miss out on the next edition of Vive la Gastronomie. Some top chefs will be arriving end of November.

Vive la Gastronomie 2018: August 1st Wine & Spice Training

August 29th, 2018

A homage to flavor with Jonnie and Thérèse Boer

After a scrumptious event in 2016, Jonnie and Thérèse Boer found their way back to the lagoon of Baoase for another sold-out edition of Vive la Gastronomie on August 1st and August 2nd. Two evenings, two delicious events.

August 1st, 2018 – Wine & Spice
Twenty gourmands arrived at the porch area of the Master Villa, anticipating the culinary creativity of Jonnie Boer and Baoase’s Executive Chef Rene Klop. They got a – just as creative – crash course on wine by Thérèse on the side. Overlooking the bay, two tables full of diners experienced her personal selection of wines, learning everything there is to know on its pairing with dishes. And though it might have been a group of strangers at the start of the evening, over five courses friendships seemed to be forged. Oh, the things wine and food can do.

Be sure not to miss out on the next edition of Vive la Gastronomie. Some top chefs will be arriving end of November.

A Guide to the Storybook; Island of Curaçao

July 31st, 2018

L’Officiel is a French fashion magazine with a presence across over 80 countries, with L’Officiel USA being the most recent addition to the edition. L’Officiel USA aims to merge the century-long traditions of its predecessor with a modern approach. L’ offers a daily snapshot of fashion, beauty, music, film, literature, culture, lifestyle inspiration, wellness, politics and more with an emphasis on telling stories that matter.

A Guide to the Storybook; Island of Curaçao, was recently published by L’Officiel. L’Officiel gave recommendations on where to stay, eat, drink and shop in Curaçao. And Baoase Luxury Resort was mentioned as one of the best places to stay on the island! We are so very proud to be recommended in this wonderful magazine.

Read here for the full article about Baoase Luxury Resort, Curaçao.

Baoase, Unique Luxury Hotel of the Year

July 29th, 2018

Luxury Travel Guide has selected Baoase Luxury Resort as Unique Luxury Hotel of the Year – Curaçao. The Luxury Travel Guide is an exclusive resource for the affluent traveler for in-depth information on destinations all around the world. They have a global audience of 550.000 registered subscribers to their website and a reach of over 77k on Facebook.

Baoase Luxury Resort is being praised by Luxury Travel Guide for representing the pinnacle of hospitality achievement and championing the best in Curaçao.

To determine the winners, all winners of the Luxury Travel Guide Awards are subject to the same rigorous assessment criteria, carried out by their in-house professionals. This ensures only the most deserving firms and individuals walk away with one of these prestigious accolades and gain a place in their awards winners’ guide, which will be distributed to over 500,000 professional & affluent people worldwide.

Baoase offers a pension plan to its employees

July 17th, 2018

Baoase takes the view that, while their employees are working, they should be building up an entitlement to a pension when they retire. Pension plans are the ideal way to save for future needs.

Oliver Zahn, General Manager quoted: We all worry about our lives post the retirement age. Taking an early interest in pension planning will ensure that you are able to maintain the same lifestyle after retirement. For this reason Baoase has announced to offer a pension plan to its employees.

Guardian Group, who has over 165 years of continuous service in providing insurances throughout the entire region, offers a pension plan which meets the needs of the employees of Baoase. The advantage of a pension plan, as opposed to putting money in the bank, is that the pension premiums are (partly) tax deductible.

Baoase is very proud to be able to work together with Guardian Group, providing the possibility to an extra income for its employees and for them to enjoy a comfortable retirement.

For the fifth year in a row Baoase has won the Certificate of Excellence

May 24th, 2018

Every year, TripAdvisor awards top-rated hospitality businesses the Certificate of Excellence. And for the fifth year in a row TripAdvisor has announce that Baoase Culinary Beach Restaurant has again won this wonderful award! Therefor Baoase Culinary Beach Restaurant has been qualified for the prestigious Wall of Fame.

The TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence is one of three prestigious awards that TripAdvisor gives to restaurants that contain the highest TripAdvisor rankings.

Oliver Zahn – General Manager at Baoase Luxury Resort stated “We could not be more proud that for the fifth year in a row, our hardworking culinary team has maintained the level of excellence. We are so very grateful for our amazing guests who helped us achieve this award by writing those wonderful reviews about us.”

Executive Chef Rene Klop and his dedicated culinary team look forward to yet another year of exceeding the expectations of guest, by taking them on amazing, savory journeys.

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