Fundraising Dinner Fundashon di Artista


January 20, 2020

The culinary masters of Curaçao came together to support Fundashon di Artista. Ten local companies combined their strengths and presented a 4-course dinner with wine pairing. In the idyllic setting aside the Cathedral of Thorns, 70 guests enjoyed a culinary experience to raise money for the completion of the cathedral.


The building-sized illuminated labyrinth is a remarkable work of art of award-winning artist Herman van Bergen. The cathedral is made of sumpiña’s, the thorns of the acacia tortuoso. Van Bergen recognized the light shining through the thorns as a sign of human enlightenment and enhanced this by incorporating light within his works. Especially at the sunrise and sunset, the orbs of light create a spectacular ambience.


The fundraising dinner was beyond successful and an exceptional amount of 41.000 nafl was raised (13.500 nafl with the dinner – 27.500 nafl with the auction. All proceeds go to Fundashon di Artista.

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