Before the gates close, it’s gone. That one missed call, the endless fuzz of ‘Are you getting groceries?’. Sure, the Caribbean breeze does the trick quite well blowing some sorrows away. But, even though it might be just for a day, it’s Baoase Luxury Resort that makes troubles vanish. A seemingly ordinary neighborhood conceals the high-end resort of the Caribbean. A turquoise lagoon where luxury goes barefooted.

In line with the love of Balinese style, something unique and highly luxurious was created. Different elements were incorporated in the design of the resort such as dark woods, vases, antiques, and other elegant details throughout the resort to set off the natural beauty of the surroundings. Baoase is managed by a family who cares about all guests:

“We always strive to exceed expectations, where everybody is treated as friends and friends as family.”

The resort’s philosophy of barefoot elegance brings ultimate luxury without limits; you can experience high-end personal service but still be comfortable in a relaxing environment. The luxury is in the details that almost stay unnoticed. It is that personal note upon arrival or having your favorite glass of wine ready at the table. It is a sun lounger without a Wi-Fi connection when going offline is the rarest luxury of the digital era. And at the same time, it is a worry-free holiday with a personal butler at your side or a private dinner by an award-winning Michelin Star Chef. It is service providing the trip of your dreams before you even realized it was in your dreams.

Luxury becomes limitless at Baoase, privately owned and managed by a family, to make everybody feel at home, away from home.

Baoase Culinary Beach Restaurant is a fine-dining concept, but still with a slippers-and-sundress-attitude. The cuisine, with our dedicated Culinary Team, masters fine cooking techniques and serves French-international dishes with a whiff of Asian flavors. Nevertheless, day after day, from breakfast till after dark snack, the Executive Chef ingeniously combines ingredients to make them shine through simplicity.

What if everything would be possible? That is where you find Baoase.

– Ad van der Valk (Founder of Baoase Luxury Resort)

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