Getting Here


You visit the island to go offline. Go off the radar. To go back to basic. Just sea, sand, and sunshine. This does not mean that Curaçao is behind the times. Luckily for all non-islanders, this magical island can be easily reached from various parts of the world.


Curaçao’s Hato International Airport – about 10km north from Willemstad – has the longest runway of the Caribbean to welcome almost any type of aircraft. The island greets non-stop flights from North America, Europe, South America, and the neighboring Caribbean islands. With some destinations flying daily – such as The Netherlands, Miami, Panama, and Bogota. While neighboring Bonaire, Aruba and Sint Maarten can be reached multiple times a day. Since ferries do not run between the islands, flying is the preferred way to island-hop. You can find an overview of all non-stop flights and airlines to the island here.

Visitors arriving by private plane are also more than welcome, and connections can be made to any part of the world.


Excellent weather year-round and below the hurricane belt – it makes Curaçao an amazing destination to visit by boat. Either dock your yacht or boat in one of the many docking facilities on the island, or set foot on one of the major U.S. or European cruise ships that stop at Curaçao. The large cruise ships dock at the Mega Pier, and the smaller ships are welcomed at the cruise terminals in the harbor. Either way, both locations are connected to the main areas of the island. You can easily get off the boat and enjoy the island life as soon as possible.

Where is Baoase Luxury Resort located?

Baoase Luxury Resort is located on Winterswijkstraat 2, at the private beach in the Marie Pampoen area between Punda/Pietermaai and the Sea Aquarium/Mambo Beach and Boulevard. Only a few minutes away from the city, the nightlife, beach clubs, shops, various restaurants, and approximately 20 minutes by car from the airport. The easiest way to explore the island is by car. Therefore, we recommend our guests to rent a car at one point during their visit to really experience the island to its fullest.

How to get to Baoase from the airport?

The resort is approximately a 20-minute car ride (14km) away from the airport. To start your holiday in ease, we offer several luxury transfer services to and from the resort. For more information, you can contact our Guest Relations team and VIP Treatment & Luxury Airport Transfer Brochure.

When renting a car at the airport, we recommend using Google Maps or the Curaçao road maps provided at the service desk of your car rental.

You can also request a quote. If you prefer to talk with someone you can call us at +5999 4611 799 or send us an email to