Please find the Frequently Asked Questions about COVID-19 here. Would you have any further questions about our resort, bookings, your travel to Curaçao or your health and safety, please do not hesitate to contact us via our website chat, phone (+5999 461 1799), email (reservations@baoase.com) or social media channels.

Baoase Luxury Resort

Is your resort open?

Both our resort and restaurant are open and we are ready to welcome our guests! Our goal is to keep you safe so you can fully enjoy your vacation with peace of mind. We have been taking extra steps to not only extensively clean and disinfect our resort grounds and accommodations to prevent the spread of COVID-19, but to adhere to newly set-up protocols. Please find more information about our opening here.

Can we have breakfast, lunch and dinner in the restaurant?

Yes, we are open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. To ensure social distancing at our Baoase Culinary Beach Restaurant, we have created a safe distance of at least 2m (6 ft) between tables and seats. Individuals and family members who wish to be seated together may request to do so. Between different groups of guests a safe distance will be maintained. Hand sanitizer dispensers will be available at the entrance of the restaurant and guests will be encouraged to use them. Our staff is trained to maintain a social distance of at least 2 meters, while still providing you with the level of service you are accustomed to.

Restaurant Visitors

If you are interested in having dinner at our restaurant, please contact our Restaurant Department for a reservation at restaurant@baoase.com

Do I have to wear a face mask while being on the resort?

According to the GGD, wearing a face mask is not recommended for most healthy individuals. The most important thing is keeping a social distance. Wearing facemask at Baoase Luxury Resort is to each guests’ preference and is not compulsory. Our Baoase team wears face masks in all indoor areas like in the Front Office or in the accommodations.

What Safety and Prevention protocols are being implemented at Baoase?

Following the guidelines of the World Health Organization as well as the National Health Authorities, we have been taking extra steps to not only extensively clean and disinfect our resort grounds and accommodations to prevent the spread of COVID-19, but to adhere to newly set-up protocols. Our goal is to keep you safe so you can fully enjoy your vacation with peace of mind. Please find our renewed Safety & Prevention plan here.


Can we travel to Curaçao and what are the conditions?

Please find the approved list of countries that are allowed entry into Curaçao and the Curaçao entry requirements here.

What are the new guidelines of the Curacao International Airport?

Our local Airport has made sure to implement new guidelines to ensure safety of all guest entering our island, the ones leaving as well as their employees. You can find their guidelines through this link.

Can I still enjoy a Curacao vacation?

To keep our island’s visitors and Curacao’s inhabitants safe and healthy, precautionary measures are in place on the island. From March 24th – April 7th, 2021, adjusted measures for COVID-19 will be applied. Please find the list of precautionary measures for COVID-19 here.

Curaçao is an island where people enjoy the perks of “outdoor living” due to the perfect weather conditions. Almost all restaurants are outdoors or offer outdoor dining options. Approximately 95% of the activities are outdoor activities, and with more than 35 beaches and a beautiful underwater world, outdoor unwinding is extremely easy and pleasurably on Curaçao. With two National Parks, Salt Plains and even small forests there is even more nature present. Being outdoors increases both your safety and your sense of freedom. Yes, we are 100% sure that you can still enjoy your vacation to the very max!

What does it mean if Curaçao has an orange travel advisory for your destination?

This means that the advice is given not to travel to our beautiful island and that if you do decide to travel there will be certain extra measures in place like an extra PCR test, or self-quarantine when returning home, even if you do not have any COVID-19 symptoms.
These measures vary per destination.

With our separate accommodations of which the majority boasts a private pool, terrace and/or even a private beach, we do believe that Baoase Luxury Resort remains a safe haven for people who are looking for a relaxing holiday or an escape from the reality we are living in today. And with our Culinary Beach Restaurant, our private beach and lagoon, and our personal high-end service, there is no need to leave the resort.


Does Baoase Luxury Resort have adjusted terms and conditions?

We have adjusted our terms and conditions until the 15th of June. You can find our policies here.

I made my reservation with a travel agent or at an online booking platform and have questions regarding policies or cancellation.

Adjusted terms and conditions may be applicable to your reservation. We kindly advise you to contact your travel agent or the online booking platform at which you booked regarding your reservation.

Can I move or cancel my reservation without a penalty?

According to our normal policies, changes within 45 days of arrival may incur a penalty. However, due to the current situation, more lenient policies may apply to your reservation, based on your travel or booking date. You can find our terms & conditions here. For additional questions regarding this matter, please contact our reservations department at reservations@baoase.com .

Why is it recommended to take a travel insurance with my reservation?

Travel insurances cover a lot of unexpected events during your holiday. However, not all costs incurred as a result of the COVID-19 situation are covered. Therefore, we recommend you to take out an additional travel insurance with a COVID-19 coverage.

What happens if I will be tested positive for COVID-19 during my stay on Curaçao?

If you are tested positive for COVID-19 during your stay on Curaçao, you will be quarantined immediately. You will follow the COVID-19 guidelines of Curaçao to guarantee safety for visitors and staff, while making you feel at home in a safe and relaxed environment. Please find more information about this topic here.

Our American and Canadian guests can choose to apply for the COVAC Global COVID-19 Evacuation & Repatriation Programme. Should you be diagnosed with COVID-19 during your vacation on Curaçao while staying at Baoase, COVAC will ensure an all-expense paid medical transport back to your home city of record. Please find more information about this programme here.

You can also request a quote. If you prefer to talk with someone you can call us at +5999 4611 799 or send us an email to reservations@baoase.com