In the heart of Baoase Luxury Resort – where the sea brushes the legs of dinner tables – you find Baoase Culinary Beach Restaurant. Executive Chef René Klop combines his French techniques with a whiff of tropical influences and Asian flavors. Add tremendous ambition, and beach-proof dishes become something more. Fresher. Refined. But still with a sandals-and-sundress-attitude.

The team of Baoase uses high-quality ingredients turning them into something magical with the refined cooking techniques of René Klop. All dishes are served with a side of exceptional service to make it an experience you will never forget.

Welcome to a delicious paradise – where our culinary team aims to amaze you with dishes beautiful in taste, texture and design.

Reservations are required for visitors to enter the resort and its restaurant and beach bar area.

Special Requests
Please, do not hesitate to inform us if you have a special occasion, celebration or request we need to take into consideration.

Important for non-resort guests
We kindly ask you to read our Resort Visitor Rules which also include the conditions of making a reservation or making a request for a reservation at Baoase Luxury Resort and its Culinary Beach Restaurant.

You can also request a quote. If you prefer to talk with someone you can call us at +5999 4611 799 or send us an email to