April 16, 2020

Photo by: Manon Hoefman

On the island of Curaçao, many inhabitants live below the poverty line; before the start of the crisis it was already challenging for some families to hold everything together. As a result of the unprecedented pandemic, the tourism industry is completely on hold which has a major impact on employment opportunities on the island. No job means no income for most people.

As a result of the crisis, the poorest are being hit. Baoase wants to mean something for the community and therefore participates in different projects to help the most vulnerable.

Family Van der Valk, owners of Baoase Luxury Resort and KidsRights are joining forces to provide help to underprivileged children in Curaçao who are suffering from the pandemic. This help consists of the provision of food packages and healthy meals offered during after school care.

Moreover, Baoase joined the Daily Meal Program; an organization that strives to provide the most vulnerable residents of Curaçao with healthy and nutritious meals. Baoase Culinary Beach Restaurant prepares 480 meals per week, which are distributed to people who need it most at this moment.

We are honored to be part of these projects and are happy to offer help to our community. Please find more information about our initiatives here:

You can also request a quote. If you prefer to talk with someone you can call us at +5999 4611 799 or send us an email to reservations@baoase.com