Andrea Pedroso a day at Baoase

Blogger and model Andrea Pedroso writes about her beach day experience at Baoase:

Hello everyone! For those who know me and know that I love the beach and I live in Curaçao, but not all beaches are the same, nor the feeling that transmits each it is the same. Able is a personal craziness, but I usually choose the beach I want to visit as the mood have that day or activity you want to perform.

When I want to relax completely, not move a finger, resting all day with a spectacular view and excellent food, my preferred choice is Baoase Luxury Resort (Curaçao), taking into account that I still fairly close to the house, is the perfect for when you want to escape the world or celebrate a special occasion.

A few weeks ago, we received a visit from one of the best friends of my husband, so we found the perfect excuse to give us a “gustico” excellent sharing with friends and spending all day at the hotel. If you plan to visit the Resort using a pass for the day or Beach day pass , my recommendation is to always book in advance , as they have extremely limited capacity to maintain the most exclusive resort possible can book online through the website hotel website or by calling the reception.

With the day pass you get access to the beach, which is small but perfect, uncrowded and as always the staff greets you as a whole VIP show you the common areas of the hotel such as the pool, bar and restaurant. And soon begin the difficult decisions! Churuata- bungalows choose where you’ll spend the day. Particularly, I love sitting on the side of the island next to the helipad (just those little cottages you see in the picture!) Breeze is divine, just across the water, yet the resort at your feet and the extra touch is a flag you have to get up when you want to order something (I know! that sounds very silly, but they are details that I love). This time, we let our guests choose and touched us sit on the opposite side I always choose, but hey! I believe that the changes are good and was an excellent spot to enjoy the day, in and out of the water.

By midmorning we were awarded a rich mango ice cream with cookie crumbs inside a coconut shell worthy of a photo (but I ate it so fast that just left the coconut shell haha). Immediately afterwards a dip in the water and direct access to the Aqua-hammocks, which are nothing more than water floats to spend the day like a walrus. Just what we needed!

For visitors who want to do activities they can take advantage of kayaks and snorkel masks to make … But as I said Baoase Luxury Resort is my place of relaxation par excellence, where the only activity of the day is ordering food and float in the water. Without any doubt, it was the perfect setting to catch up on all the stories that distance makes us accumulate …

Lunchtime is one of my favorite, not only because you sit down to eat with a view like tele-transported to any exotic location in the world Thailand type, but because the Executive chef of the Hotel Rene Klop is incredibly talented, capable of mix the best ingredients to make each dish unforgettable, and the truth is that never disappoints.

To start we ordered one of my favorite combinations in the world, Ostras with Prosecco !. But honestly, that was the excuse to buy time while we looked at the menu and tried to choose among many good choices … but we can never decide for one, ended up choosing the tasting menu 4 dishes selected by the chef surprise ( 4- Amuse Course Surprise Menu ), and if you want you can add the option you combine each dish, with wine that will go better each dish so the flavors highlight the most, to have an unforgettable lunch.

This is one of my favorite choices (of course, if you do not have allergies to food or irksome to eat you), the taste of surprise has a “J’nais ses qua” that always excited, you dare to try new dishes ingredients, you discover new flavors and you get away from the routine, because let’s face it, one usually asks the same dish in the same restaurant (or alternate between 2 or 3 courses as much).

The dishes are small, but believe me stay super satisfied … And you would risk ordering a tasting menu without knowing that they will receive? (Write me in the comments to see how many there are brave!)

And after all that comelona, ​​there is no better plan to walk a little beach down lunch and then embark on a hammock under a palm tree or the super comfy beds beach padded híper they have on the beach … and good why not … take a nap.

To end the day with a flourish, nothing better than watching the sunset in the sea, laughing with the thousands of accumulated with good friends and know that although there is distance and time through stories, when friendships are true, no excuses and everything flows like old times. No doubt it was the perfect end to a great day!



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