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More weekly flights from Bogota to Curaçao

Avianca is a Colombian airline that has been the national airline since 1919. Currently Avianca operates 7 flights per week from Bogota to Curaçao. But as of August this year, Avianca will increase its capacity with 4 additional flights per week.

This means that as of August 3rd; Curaçao will have a total of 11 flights per week from Bogota, Colombia. With these new non-stop flights, Curaçao will become an excellent connect-through to over 108 Avianca destinations in 26 countries.

Plus it will give Curaçao and Baoase Luxury Resort the opportunity to attract more visitors especially from Brazil, Ecuador, Argentina, Chile and many more. Therefor wonderful news for Curaçao, and Baoase Luxury Resort!

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