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Four Curaçao Chefs Reveal Secrets to Eating Well on the Island

Interview with Executive Chef Rene Klop, from Baoase Culinary Beach Restaurant, the signature restaurant of Baoase Luxury Resort by

The Daily Meal: What makes Curaçao cuisine so special?
Chef Rene Klop: Cuisine on Curaçao is highly influenced by the “catch of the day” principle: our ingredients are fresh and of the highest quality. For example, we have our own fisherman and grow fresh herbs and fruits in our greenery. Our cuisine is local and fresh and guests taste this when they visit us.

What are your favorite ingredients and/or styles of cooking to work with now?
What I like to work with now are high quality products. As we serve French cuisine with an Asian twist I get to experiment with ingredients like goose liver and lionfish. I like to pair the goose liver with a local honey, pata negra, Pedro Ximénez, figs, and cream of bacon with fresh herbs from our greenery. As for the lionfish, my preference goes to ceviche with a pairing of avocado, citrus, paprika, seasonings and fresh mango.

What do you wish people knew about dinning in Curaçao?
I would like people to know that even on Curaçao you are able to experience fine dining. What better way is there to enjoy international cuisine than under the Caribbean stars? Baoase has the perfect setting for that.

What is your favorite thing to cook and what’s your favorite thing to eat?
I like to prepare fresh caught local fish. My favorite thing to eat is fried goose liver.

What is it about food and cooking that inspires you?
The beautiful thing about cooking is that you can make people happy and be creative at the same time. People come together when there is good food involved and I am happy that I am able to be part of that process.

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