The ultra-exclusive resort promises to provide an unforgettable experience to guests seeking a peaceful retreat in comfort and style. With 23 extravagant rooms, suites and villas, the resort is the ultimate getaway for luxury seeker.

SILVER Medal for Baoase Sous Chef and Team Curacao

SILVER Medal for Baoase Sous chef Adriyel Lourens and Team Curaçao at the Taste of the Caribbean Competition 2017 ... more

Video Baoase Vive la Gastronomie with Akira Oshima

Vive La Gastronomie is an recurring event at Baoase Luxury Resort, where the resort invites Michelin Star Celebrity Chef's. ... more

7th & 8th of April – Baoase at Curacao Culinair

You don’t want to miss out on the culinary event of the year ... more

April 14th & 15th – Japanese Michelin Star Chef at Baoase

Baoase Luxury Resort is proud to announce another top Chef participating with ‘Vive La Gastronomie’ Culinary series. ... more