Relax Massage

It’s time to de-stress, relax, and reinvigorate. Relieve muscle and joint stiffness whilst treating your skin with the rich healing oil.
60 minutes: $ 120 / 90 minutes: $ 170 p.p.

Deep Tissue Muscle Massage

Using muscle-melting warmed oils and deep pressure massage movements, we massage deep into the belly of the muscle, erasing stress, tension and lactic acid build up.
60 minutes: $ 140 / 75 minutes: $ 190 p.p.

Hot Stone Therapy

Harnessing the properties of volcanic basalt stones, we bathe them in warm water and anoint them with spicy, sensual aromas of the Orient. Deep penetrating heat from the stones massages the body using traditional techniques to release muscular tension.
60 minutes: $ 135,- / 90 minutes: $ 190 p.p.

Couples Massage

Enjoy a lovely relaxing massage at the beach. Both of you will enjoy a full body massage, as you lie side by side.
Relax Massage per couple: 60 minutes: $ 240 / 90 minutes: $ 340 per couple
Deep Tissue Massage per couple: 60 minutes: $ 280 / 75 minutes: $ 380 per couple

Sensory Scalp Massage

Enjoy the power of touch, combined with the essence of aromatherapy during your deeply relaxing scalp massage.
30 minutes: $ 70 p.p.

Revitalizing Tired Foot and Ankle Massage

Re-energize your tired feet and ankles with an amazingly soothing foot massage. A cure for all swelling, soreness and a slow circulation.
30 minutes: $ 70 p.p.

In Room Massage

Pamper & treat yourself at least once by enjoying an In Suite or Villa Massage or Couples Massage. Available for Beach Front Suites and Villa’s. No additional set up fee is applied. However, some accommodations are limited in space. This request needs to be approved by the Front Office minimum 24 hours prior to the massage.

Body & Massage Packages

Package 1: Body scrub * Packing * Body massage 

Body scrub is a treatment which exfoliates your skin. Your skin will feel fresh, smooth, moisturized and soft. The scrub is based on 100% aloe vera.
150 minutes: $ 280 p.p.

Package 2: Body scrub * Packing    

The body scrub is a treatment which exfoliates your skin. Your skin will feel fresh, smooth, moisturized and soft. 60 minutes: $ 130 p.p.

Packing 3: Body scrub * Full body massage 

The masseuses will massage deep into the muscle to erase stress and tension.
60 minutes: $ 130 p.p.

Packing 4: Packing * Full body massage

The packing treatment exists of 100 % pure aloe vera.
90 minutes: $ 190 p.p.

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