General Information from A-Z
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Please contact the Front Office if you have any queries.


We offer a selection of Gilchrist & Soames bathroom amenities. This brand is one of the most renowned and respected spa, bath and body brands in the world. Spa Therapy collection is infused with marine extracts such as Japanese sea kelp, sea fennel, sea lettuce, sea salts and aloe vera, which turns your bathroom into a personal spa.

In addition to our daily services and amenities, our staff will be pleased to provide the following items on request for your additional comfort:

  • Additional blankets or duvets
  • Adaptors
  • Pillows
  • Iron and ironing board
  • Extra toiletries
  • Towels
Adaptors | Transformers

The power-sockets in our accommodations are all 220V. Our Beachfront Pool Suites offer both 110V and 220V. Our Front Office can provide you with adaptors and transformers.

Airport | Airline Reservations and Information
  • Hato Airport           (+5999) 839 1000
  • Lost baggage          (+5999) 839 1880
  • American Airlines    (+5999) 736 7799 / 869 5707
  • Arke Fly                 (+5999) 736 1100
  • Air Canada             (+1)888 247 2262
  • Avianca                  (+5999) 820 2020
  • Continental Airlines  (+1) 800 231 0856
  • Insel Air                 (+5999) 737 0444
  • KLM                       (+5999) 736 1422
  • JetBlue                  (+1)800 538 2583
  • Surinam Airways      (+5999) 868 9600 / 868 4360
  • Tiara Air                (+5999) 839 1234 / 461 1110

Our Front Office can offer assistance with online check-in and printing of your boarding pass.

Air Conditioning

Our housekeeping sets the air-conditioning at 22 degrees Celsius. You can use the remote control to change the temperature and fan speed. Please do not set the air-conditioning below 22 degrees Celsius otherwise the system may freeze. If you leave your bedroom for more than 3 hours we kindly request you to turn off the air-conditioning in order to save energy. For any assistance call Front Office.

ATM | Banks

There are several ATM’s and banks located in the vicinity of Baoase. For more information on their exact locations and directions, please contact our Front Office.


A babysitter can be arranged at extra charge. Please contact Front Office.

Banyan Tree

The Banyan tree of Baoase can be seen as the heart of Baoase. The tree is over 70 years old and is a type of Ficus bengalensis tree, belonging to the family Moraceae. It is considered to be sacred, because it lives for eons. Also the Banyan tree is considered holy in most Asian cultures as it represents knowledge and a tree of life.

Baoase Culinary Beach Restaurant| Beach Bar

See section * Eat & Drink

Barefoot Elegance

To comply with the Balinese style of Baoase, we kindly ask you not to wear shoes in the villas or suites.

It is customary in many Asian cultures, as well as Middle Eastern, Indian and African cultures, to remove footwear before entering the house. One of the reasons why Asians insist on taking their shoes off before entering the house is that it is very important to keep the house as clean as possible. Secondly, some Asians are known to have an obsession with cleanliness and “newness” and try to keep objects nice and shiny for as long as possible.

If you would prefer wearing shoes rather than going barefoot, we have provided slippers which can be found in your closet.

Beach | Beach Butler Service

As a beachfront property, Baoase is located on a private 300 meter white sandy beach which is easily accessible from the villas and suites. Our Beach butlers will set up your preferred plumped up sun loungers, soft beach towels or private Cabana and serve you complimentary ice water all day, a fruit snack in the morning and a beach bite in the afternoon. Additionally, we offer complimentary use of our mineral pool(s), hammocks, kayaks and snorkeling gear.

Our beach butlers will happily assist you with any requests.

Beach Dining – private

See section * Eat & Drink

Beauty Treatments | Wellness | Spa

See section * Beauty & Wellness

Bellman | Luggage service

Our security officers will assist you with your luggage and other services. Please inform our Front Office if and when you would like your luggage to be picked up prior to check out.


See section * Eat & Drink


Please contact Front Office or visit our bookshelf for a variety of books which can be borrowed.

Car Rental

If you would like to explore the island of Curaçao on your own, or would prefer the convenience of having your own vehicle instead of using taxi services, we can arrange a rental car for you. We work with various reliable car rental agencies. Please contact our Front Office for more information.

Check-in | Check-out

Check-in is at 3PM and the check-out time is 12PM. Please contact Front Office 24 hours in advance if you would like a late check out or extend your stay (subject to availability and additional costs may apply).

Comments | Complaints

If you have any remarks or complaints please contact our Front Office or any other of our management staff members. We appreciate your feedback and any suggestions you may have on how we can improve your stay at Baoase.
The day before departure you will receive a personal check-out letter with a guest comment card. We would very much appreciate it if you could fill this out for us.

Computer | Copy Service

Please inform our Front Office if you would like to make use of a computer or the printer/copy machine.

Coffee | Espresso

Together with your mini bar we refill the Nespresso cups daily. These Nespresso cups are offered complimentary. Below a description of each of the Nespresso flavors:

Intenso Ristretto
Blend of South American and East African Arabica, with a touch of Robusta, roasted separately to create the subtle fruity note of this full-bodied, intense espresso. – Powerful contrasting
Espresso Volluto A pure and lightly roasted Arabica from South America, Volluto reveals sweet and biscuit flavors, reinforced by a little acidity and a fruity note. – Sweet & light
Linizio Lung
Mild and well-rounded on the palate, Linizio Lungo is a blend of fine Arabicas enhancing malt and cereal notes. – Round & smooth
Decaf Intenso
Dark roasted South American Arabicas with a touch of Robusta bring out the subtle cocoa and roasted cereal notes of this full-bodied decaffeinated espresso. – Dense & powerful

Credit Cards

We accept American Express, Master Card, Visa and Traveler’s Cheques. We do not accept personal and/or company cheques.

Currency Exchange

Baoase accepts Antillean Guilders, US Dollars and Euros. If you would like to exchange foreign currency for either US Dollars or Antillean Guilders please ask our Front Office for the location of the nearest bank.


There are 3 large cinemas in Curacao. Contact Front Office for more information.

Doctor | Medical Care

If you are in need of medical attention, please contact our Front Office. Baoase works closely with a professional family doctor. Subject to availability, our Doctor is able to visit you in your villa or suite at your own expense. We suggest to claim such expenses with your medical or travel insurance.

DVD’s | DVD Player

We have a nice collection of DVD’s available for you at Front Office. These can be borrowed free of charge, though there is a deposit of $5. Please contact our Front Office for our DVD collection.

Every villa or suite is equipped with a DVD player that can play DVD movies and music CD’s. Should you need any assistance with the DVD player, please do not hesitate to call our Front Office.

Dress code

Baoase dress code is casual and requires appropriate wear. You are required to wear a shirt in our beach bar and restaurant area. Dinner is slightly more formal describing the dress code as smart/elegant casual.


See following sections *Tours & Activities or contact Front Office.


We kindly ask you to help us conserve and save the environment by using water and electricity sparingly.
Therefore, please turn off the air-conditioning (when leaving for more than 3 hours) and lights when leaving the villa or suite. If you wish to continue using your towels, please hang them on the rack. By placing the towel in the bathtub or shower, you are indicating that you would like to receive a new towel. On behalf of the Baoase team, we would like to thank you for your cooperation and support in our ‘green’ approach to the hospitality business.


To ensure you have the safest and most pleasurable experience possible, we have set a few simple guidelines.
Please be respectful of people in other accommodations whilst playing music;
Please respect the privacy of those in our Ocean Front Villas or Suites by not walking or swimming too closely to them;
Please be water wise – we are mindful of local water sources so we kindly ask you to ensure your water taps are turned off;
Please do not smoke indoors in any of our accommodations;
Please remove your shoes at the door – this is common practice in Asia and helps ensure good hygiene by keeping your accommodation clean. See section barefoot elegance;
When travelling with children, we request parents to watch their children at all times, we also request the parents to explain to their children to behave according to the etiquettes of a five star resort and respect other guests’ privacy and comfort.

Front Office | Guest Relations

The Front Office is open daily from 7:00AM till 11:30PM. If you should be in need of anything outside of these hours, please contact security by dialing 1500, they are available 24/7.
Our Front Office includes all services such as Guest Relations, Concierge services, Front Office, Kiosk, Shop, and our agents are there for you for any requests you may have. There is also always a Manager on duty until 11PM.

Filming | Taking pictures

Baoase has a strict photography and filming policy. Non-resort guests are not allowed to take any pictures to guarantee your privacy. It is not allowed to take any professional pictures or films at the property of Baoase for commercial purposes. Non-commercial photography is allowed by in-house guests only without intruding the privacy of other in-house guests. If you wish to organize a professional photo-shoot (e.g. romantic couple shoot, family shoot, commercial photo-shoot) please contact our Front Office. They will give you all the information about the possibilities and restrictions. Location fees may apply.

Fire Safety

Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the resort and spaces.


  • Immediately alarm all people located within your vicinity.
  • If the fire is containable and you are near a fire extinguisher, attempt to contain and extinguish the fire yourself.
  • If the fire is not containable, or you are not near a fire extinguisher, immediately leave the accommodation and meet near the resort’s entrance.
Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers are available on request at the Front Office.

Gifts | Gift vouchers

Please see section * Gifts and Amenities further in this booklet.

Greenery | Chef’s Organic Garden

Baoase features its own organic greenery where plants, flowers and herbs are growing and kept by our landscaping team. The greenery also includes the Chef ’s organic garden where the herbs are grown and can be found in the dishes served at our Culinary Beach Restaurant. If you wish to visit our Greenery, please contact Front Office.

Gratuity (Tipping)

Tipping is a universal sign of appreciation for quality service. Tipping is left to your own discretion at all times and will be greatly appreciated, no matter how much is given. Between 5-10% of the total invoice is customary. You may choose to add your Tip on each bill at the restaurant or leave an envelope at the end of your stay at the Front Office. Please do not leave any tips in the accommodation.


Visit our Baoase Personal Health Club for a complete workout. It is located in a charming Kunuku house (a traditional Curacao house) across the entrance of the resort. Personal trainers for fitness, yoga, and Pilates are available on request.

Gym opening hours:
Monday – Thursday: 6AM – 9PM
Friday: 6AM – 7PM
Saturday – Sunday: 8AM – 12PM

Hair dryer

Every bathroom is equipped with a hairdryer for your convenience.


There are several professional hairdressers in the vicinity of Baoase, it is also possible that a hairdresser can come to Baoase. Contact Front Office for more information.


St. Elisabeth Hospital is located 10 minutes from Baoase by car. Tel:+(5999) 462 4900 Emergency number: 910. See also section Doctor.


We offer housekeeping service twice a day: our standard Housekeeping service is between 9:00AM and 2:00PM and Turndown Service between 6PM and 10PM. Please note that when you turn the sign to “do not disturb” or “no stroba”, housekeeping is not allowed to enter your room. If you wish to receive housekeeping service, towels or anything else, please contact our Front Office.

International Calls

Please contact our Front Office with the number you wish to dial and the call will then be transferred to the room. $5, – will be charged to the room (per call).


Please contact our Restaurant (extension #3000) if you need a bucket of ice cubes.

Internet | WiFi Internet

All guest accommodations have access to free wireless Internet including the Front Office area. The main internet network name is “Baoase” and the password is: “abcde12345”
“There is no WiFi on our beach, but you will definitely find a good connection”

In room dining

See section * Eat & Drink

Keys | Room keys

At check-in you will receive sufficient room card keys. Ensure that your door is always locked securely when leaving your accommodation. Magnets, such as those on purses & wallets can demagnetize your card and may stop working. Should you require new or extra keys, please contact our Front Office. At the end of your stay, please return your keys to our Front Office.

Laundry | Dry-cleaning

We offer professional laundry and dry cleaning service from Monday to Saturday. We do not provide service on Sundays and holidays. Prices can be found on the Laundry Form in your cupboard or on the next page.
Please be so kind as to fill out the laundry form with all the items you have placed in the laundry bag, leave the form and laundry bag at our Front Office or in front of the door of your villa/suite.

Delivery of laundry service
We guarantee your laundry to be completed within 48 hours (except for Sundays and holidays).

If you wish to have same-day laundry service, please leave your Laundry at our Front Office before 9:00AM and we will do our utmost best to have the laundry ready by 6:00PM. However, please note that this same-day laundry service is subject to availability and cannot be fully guaranteed.

For any questions please do not hesitate to contact our Front desk by dialing #1000.
Baoase Luxury Resort is not responsible for the loss or damages of any items.

Laundry | Dry-cleaning Price List

Description items and price (USD):

  • Undershirt / Onderhemd    $   6,00
  • Underwear / Onderbroek    $   4,50
  • Socks / Sokken                 $   4,25
  • Handkerchiefs /Zakdoeken  $   3,95
  • Pyjama’s / Pyama’s           $ 12,99
  • Bra’s / BH’s                    $   4,25
  • Panties         / Slipje                 $   4,55
  • Negligés / Nacht japon      $ 10,25
  • Shirt regular / T-shirt                 $ 13,75
  • Polo – shirt / Polo             $ 11,50
  • Pants / Broek                   $ 15,75
  • Shorts / Korte broek          $ 11,50
  • Dress / Jurk 1 piece          $ 22,50
  • Dress / Jurk 2 piece          $ 32,75
  • Skirt / Rokken                           $ 18,25
  • Blouse / Blouse                 $ 14,50
  • Bath robe / Badjas            $ 23,50
  • Jacket / Colbert               $ 16,55
  • Tie     / Stropdas              $   9,50
  • Suit / Overjas         1 piece                  $ 34,30
  • Suit / Overjas 3 piece                 $ 37,50
  • Evening gown /Avondjurk   $ 30,75
  • Pullover / Overgooier                  $ 15,90
  • Petticoat / Onderrok                   $   5,10
Lost and Found

Please contact our Front Office regarding any items you may have lost or found.


Road and island maps are available at the Front Office.

Mail and Message Service

If any mail or message is received for you, you will be informed by our Front Office. If you are expecting mail or a message, please inform us so we can accept the package / letter in your absence. If you wish to post a letter or card, please bring it to our Front Office so we can post it for you.


Please inform the Front Office for any requests for repairs or maintenance in your room or villa. We strive to solve the issue within 24 hours.

Massages | Beauty |Hair | Hand & Food Care

See section * Beauty and Wellness


We offer mini-bar service in all of our accommodations with a selection of drinks and snacks. The mini-bar is checked and restocked daily. All items consumed will be charged to your room account that you can review on your final statement at check-out.
All liquor mini-bar items are on request only. Please remember that the mini-bar contains alcoholic beverages. Minors under 18 should not have unsupervised access to the mini-bar. See more at section * Eat & Drink

Mosquito’s | Insects

The Caribbean’s tropical climate (warm days & high humidity) attracts the human species but pests and insects as well, including cockroaches, ants, silverfish, midges, mosquitoes, spiders & rodents.

However, at Baoase we do our outmost best to minimize the presence of these insects by spraying the property 3 times a week with residual spray to eradicate the above insects, as part of an ongoing pest & fumigation program. Sometimes additional spraying is required. Additionally, our housekeeping team preventively sprays all living quarters of the accommodations twice daily.

Ants gain access to accommodations by climbing palm trees and balconies in search of food. All food items should be covered and or sealed in plastic. The provided Baygon insect spray eliminates ants, cockroaches, flies and mosquitoes and almost any other flying or crawling insect. In our guest rooms as well as at our beach restaurant complimentary bug repellant is provided.

Should you notice or get disturbed by any of these pests or insects, please contact our Front Office in order for us to inform our Pest Control contractor.

Mosquito nets

Mosquitoes love the warm humid conditions and breed in shady dark areas. We constantly spray the in- and outdoor areas, but it is impossible to completely eradicate them. We provide insect repellent spray and creams for your body to reduce the likelihood of bites. At the Front Office we also provide anti-itch cream. Some may be more sensitive than others. It also depends on the blood type. There are some precautions guests can take such as taking Vitamin B supplements, drink orange juice and lemon, eating garlic, drink gin and tonic, wear long, loose, light-colored clothing in the evening.

For extra protection, we can also hang a mosquito net in your bedroom without charge (upon request and availability). Please contact our Front Office.


Complimentary national and international newspapers are available at our beach restaurant or Front Office. If requested we can deliver your newspaper to your accommodation in the morning.


No pets are allowed at Baoase’s property without prior approval of Management.

Photos | Pictures

Please read information at “Filming / Taking pictures


For the location and opening hours of the nearest pharmacy, please contact our Front Office.

Pool Use

To minimize the amount of salt water on the wooden floor in and outside the villas, we kindly ask you to rinse the salt water off your body after using the swimming pool (primarily your feet). There is a shower available outside on the deck. We also suggest swimming without jewelry, as the salt- or chlorine water could discolor your jewels. Please use the main pool between 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM. There is no supervision at Baoase’s pool and therefore entering is at own risk. Please respect the privacy of neighbors and be silent in the morning and evening. Diving, jumping and screaming is not allowed.

Private Luxury Vehicle Transfer

Especially for our resort guests we offer our private transfer service in one of our own luxury vehicles for the same price as our local taxi drivers. Additionally, one of our Managers will personally drive you to your desired address or destination. This service is on request only and subject to availability. Charges will be billed to your room account. Please contact our Front Office to request this service.

Private | Romantic Dining

See section * Eat & Drink


See section * Eat & Drink

Post cards

Various postcards and stamps are available at the Front Office


Dial 911 for the local Police or call Front Office 1000 or Security 1500

Religious Service

Hours are subject to change. Please contact our Front Office.

Catholic Services
Altagracia Church: Steenrijk (close to resort).
Services on Saturday at 09.00h, 11.00h and 18.00h.

Protestant Services
United Protestant Church: Fortkerk, Fort Amsterdam (Punda)
Dutch service on Sunday 9:30 AM.

Islamic Services
Mosque Kalifar Omar (Islamic)

Jewish Services
Mikve Isreal-Emanuel: Sephardic Reconstructionist, Hanchi Snoa 29 (Punda).
Services on Friday 18.30h and Saturday 10.00h. Jacket and Tie required.


See section * Eat & Drink

Room Service

See section * Eat & Drink

Restaurant services| Dining Out | Reservations

See section * Eat & Drink
Due to the popularity of our restaurant, we highly recommend you to make dinner reservations before 2PM in order for us to guarantee a table.

Our Front Office is happy to make restaurant reservations for restaurants outside of Baoase. There is a list of restaurants that we would recommend and can advise you according to your preferences. Please let us take care of your restaurant reservations. We gladly assist you in organizing transportation to and from the restaurant.

For your convenience we have a Restaurant Book at our Front Office listing the most visited restaurants on the island. We also have a personal list of preferred restaurants in the vicinity of Baoase.


There is a safe installed in every bedroom. Please deposit your valuables in the safe during your stay. If you need any assistance with the safe please contact our Front Office. The resort is not responsible for loss or damage of jewelry or other valuables left unattended in your room.


Baoase has security on duty 24/7. Security can be reached by dialing 1500. If you have witnessed something peculiar or feel in danger, please contact our security as soon as possible. Should it not have any urgency, please call our Front Office.

Shops | Shopping Malls

There are a variety of shopping opportunities in the vicinity of Baoase: Mambo Beach Boulevard, Bloempot Shopping Centre, Willemstad city (Punda & Otrrbanda), Renaissance & Riffort Mall, Zuikertuintje, Sambil Shopping Mall and Papagayo Boulevard.


Smoking is not permitted inside the accommodations. We kindly ask that you to smoke only in the outside areas, where ashtrays have been provided for you. We offer cigarettes at the Front Office and a selection of fine cigars at the beach bar.


There are many sports facilities in Curacao and the vicinity Baoase; golf, tennis, off road cycling, mountain climbing, watersports etc. Please contact the Front Office for more information.

Spa | Wellness | Beauty treatments

See section * Beauty & Wellness

Special Events | Birthdays | Anniversaries

Let us take care of any special request to make sure this day is a memorable one. Please contact the Front Office for more information.


A local supermarket called Boulevard is located 500 meters / 1 minute walking distance from Baoase. If you request any specific item or wish to visit a large supermarket, please contact the Front Office.

Snorkeling | Scuba diving

Our beach butlers offer complimentary snorkeling gear. When the sea is calm, you can explore the underwater life behind Baoase’s Bibi Island and breakwaters.

Explore other local reefs in the vicinity of Baoase and get to know some colorful marine life with our tour guide Carlos. He can take you to the unique spots where you see vibrant corals and the many fascinating creatures that live within them – and if you’re lucky you may even come across a seahorse, grouper or turtle.

See more at section: *Tours and Activities.


We can organize a taxi for you, please contact the Front Office.


Important telephone numbers:

Front Office          # 1000
Security                 # 1500
Guest Relations   # 1003
Bar / Restaurant   # 3000


See our offerings at section: *Tours & Activities

CH Description CH Description CH Description
7 ABC 23 Disney 39 TCM
8 CBS 24 ESPN Caribbean 40 TeleCuracao
9 FOX 25 ESPN International 43 TNT
10 NBC 26 ESPN Dos 44 VH1 Soul
11 PBS 27 Food Network 45 Venevision
12 Animal Planet 28 Fox Business News 46 TV11
13 Baby First 29 Fox News 47 CCTV9 (China)
14 BBC World 30 Golf 48 Canal de las Estrellas
15 BVN 31 Lifetime 49 RTPi (Portugal)
16 Caracol 32 MTV USA 50 Telemundo
17 Cartoon Network 33 Nat Geo
18 CNN Espanol 34 Nederland 1 Optional Movie Package
19 CNN US 35 Nederland 2 51 HBO Caribbean
20 Deutche Welle 36 Nederland 3 52 HBO Family East
21 Discovery 37 Nickelodeon 53 (Future Use)
22 Discovery Kids 38 One Carib. Weather
Turndown Service

Turndown Service is between 6PM and 10PM. See *Housekeeping for more information.

Water | Tap Water

The tap water in Curaçao is distilled and clean; therefore it is suitable as drinking water.

Wake-up Calls

Please contact our Front Office to schedule your wake-up call.


Please do not throw any waste in the toilets, bathtubs, washbasins or any other drainage. For health and safety reasons please dispose of items such as woman’s hygiene products, sanitary towels and nappies in the waste basket.

Wellness | Spa | Beauty treatments

See section * Beauty & Wellness


*see Internet page 7.

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