Baoase Luxury Resort

Winterswijkstraat 2
Curaçao, Netherlands Antilles

T: + 5999 46 11 799 (resort directly)
Dial 0 for operator
F: + 5999 46 12 799

Toll Free
USA & Canada: 1-888-409-3506
The Netherlands: 085-888-0368

WhatsApp Service:
+5999 5650111
(between 8am-11pm):

Emergency Telephone:
+5999 5650111


Press information

T: + 5999 46 11 799
T: USA & Canada: 1-888-409-3506 (Toll-Free)
T: The Netherlands: 085-888-0368 (Toll-Free)


The easiest to get to Baoase Luxury Resort is by car / taxi. Baoase is located at the private beach in the Marie Pompoen area between Punda / Pietermaai area (Willemstad) and Sea Aquarium Beach / Mambo boulevard.
Our resort is located on the Winterswijkstraat #2, this is a side street of the Dr. Martin Luther King Boulevard. If you cannot find us please give us a call.

If you rented a car on the airport and wish to drive to Baoase yourself, we suggest you to use google maps or use the Curacao road maps provided at the service desk of your car rental. See Google Maps for more information how to get from the airport to Baoase by car.

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